Home and Abroad

We are just one of many branch churches, societies, and informal groups resident in more than 70 countries around the world. There has been a Christian Science presence in Portsmouth for over one hundred years. Our current membership is striving to demonstrate and share its value in today’s world.

We have Christian Science nursing homes and home nurses around the country. Our nearest one is Charton Manor in Kent.

The Mother Church

The administrative centre for the Christian Science movement is based in Boston, Mass. USA.

As a branch of The Mother Church, our society benefits from the publications which are all produced in Boston, public lectures, and online events.

Our Founder

Mary Baker Eddy

July 16, 1821 – December 3, 1910

Christian Scientists regard Mary Baker Eddy as the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. In our view, she reminded the Christian world of the importance of Christian healing as it was practised in the first centuries after Jesus and his early followers.

Mrs Eddy lived in New England from 1821 to 1910 and following significant healing in 1866 devoted her life to discovering, applying and sharing the spiritual laws behind spiritual healing.

She put her teaching in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and ultimately founded a church to make this teaching widely available.

Among other things, she established an international news organisation, The Christian Science Monitor, with the objective to “injure no man but to bless all mankind”.